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The Hye Core Principles


While many companies move on after launch, we are constantly innovating upon our products and services to ensure the best experience for our users.


Everyone should be able to use our products and services. All of our products are free for personal use, so that everyone can enjoy the Hye experience.


We believe in quality over quantity. We strive to make reliable high quality products and services that our users can enjoy and trust.

Our Services

Hye Ararat

Take your infrastructure to it's peak

Hye Ararat is the next generation of container and virtual machine management. It is your one-stop shop for single application containers, full system containers, and KVM instances. All built on the incredible Incus platform.

Hye Craft

The Ultimate Minecraft Experience

Hye Craft is the ultimate Minecraft experience. Find a community and build your empire. Shop with players, and become your own merchant. Become a landlord, and dominate the market. Join now using the IP

Hye Enzonet

Servers For Everyone

Need a server for your small community or app? Hye Enzonet is the perfect place to begin. With an easy to use control panel, high service reliability, and 24/7 customer service, Hye Enzonet is the perfect place to start your server hosting journey.

We Work With The Best

Xentain Solutions Inc.

Your all-in-one hosting solution

The only solution you need for all of your hosting requirements. High-quality, industry standard, and reliable services at very affordable costs.

Could be you!

Your all-in-one hosting solution

Interested in becoming a Hye partner? Shoot us an email! We carefully select our partners to ensure that our users get the best experience possible.

Interested in becoming a Hye partner? Shoot us an email!